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Transcend Security Solutions

Transcend Security Solutions


Security Systems Solar Lighting


Transcend Security is harnessing the power of the sun to turn your property into an intelligent property. Our solar-powered Mobile Surveillance Unit's (MSU) are a low-cost alternative to having security guards on-site, as well as replacing random security vehicle patrols throughout the night. Our MSU's operate 24/7 and are monitored by the Transcend Security Operations Center (TSOC), so they're always in protection mode. We utilize best-in-class, state-of-the-art software and video management system (VMS). Our Security Operations Center monitors our MSU’s 24/7 via a secure server. Transcend Security can configure all features including but not limited to, alerts, lighting effects, 2-way speakers, and virtual tours. With a rapid deploy system, our expert site technicians can set, adjust, and maneuver the MSU to fit the need of virtually any site. The days of clunky surveillance systems are over!

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