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Member Focus: Hydraloop, Inc.

Member Focus: Hydraloop, Inc.

Member Focus

Hydraloop, Inc. empowers individual homeowners, communities, and developers to save water and energy with smart and affordable water recycling products. Our multi-award-winning technology offers a decentralized graywater reuse application, is consumer friendly, and IoT connected. The product portfolio Hydraloop offers is designed for homes, apartments, hotels, sports complexes, and other commercial applications – allowing structures to save up to 45% of water used. Thousands of precious freshwater saved annually with focus on water stressed states like Arizona.

Hydraloop collects, cleans, and reuses water from showers, baths, tumble dryers, air conditioners and as an option, washing machines. The reusable water is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected; ready for reuse in toilet flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation and topping up pools - Use water twice.

Hydraloop proprietary technology uses a unique combination of sustainable water treatment technologies that ensures NSF 350 standards for water quality. The product solutions offered increases the value of buildings, reduces water consumption, and lowers the carbon footprint. Hydraloop's goal contributes to a sustainable and resilient global water future by addressing SDGs 6,11,12 & 13.

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