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Member Focus: Utecture

Member Focus: Utecture

Member Focus

Utecture is an award-winning technology that gives a competitive advantage to builders while saving them money. This cloud-based digital building platform combines dynamic design, documentation, and workflow management for residential construction.

The technology enables builders to design, price and visualise a home rapidly. It does this by creating a digital twin of a home design and vastly reduces the time and expense involved in the pre-construction phase, allowing real time changes to be made, documented, and priced to a 3D virtual model of the home.

Builders get simpler planning, faster decision-making, reduced duplication with greater accuracy and control over projects. Customers benefit immediately because the user-friendly technology requires minimal formal training.

Our AI engine creates the 3D geometry by assembling all the parts and assemblies needed to build the home. Data can be attached to every aspect, including live cost files, and conventional documents can be produced, such as plans, elevations, and detailed material schedules.

To find out more go to and book your demo today.

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