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Pinal County to Adopt “Most Stringent” Dust Control Measures

Pinal County to Adopt “Most Stringent” Dust Control Measures

Home Builders Association of Central Arizona Arizona

Pursuant the requirements under the Clean Air Act (CAA), Pinal County Air Quality is developing a stakeholder process to discuss new “Most Stringent Measure” (MSM) for PM-10 emissions in Pinal County.  This would include the construction industry and the new measures need to be in place by January of 2022. 

Pinal County was supposed to achieve attainment by 2018 with the “moderate” plan for controlling dust emissions.  Unfortunately, the air monitoring network has had numerous and significant exceedances.  The CAA requirements are very complicated, but ultimately the CAA requires Pinal County to adopt MSM to control their dust emissions.   Under the CAA, these measures need to be the most stringent as compared to other regional areas and must be the most economically feasible for the Pinal Area.  

Pinal County commissioned a study to identify the MSM in similar communities such as Sothern California and Maricopa County (link to document).  It is important to note that in most circumstance, Maricopa County PM-10 rules are the MSM in the study.  

Pinal County Air Quality will be holding meetings with the HBACA and industry to identify the new control measures. If you would like to be included in these discussions or have any questions, please contact Spencer Kamps at  

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