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State Budget Moves Forward at the Capitol

State Budget Moves Forward at the Capitol

Home Builders Association of Central Arizona Legislative

The Arizona Constitution mandates that the Arizona Legislator adopt a state budget before the end of each fiscal year, which is June 30. It is the “one” major issue each year that must be completed, or the state government will not be funded and will

shut down. Arizona has a 3-billion-dollar surplus this year, creating an environment for a spending frenzy. Finally, our budget process is not all about spending. Our budget process allows for policy to be included, and if you have the right situation,

you can get policy included, which otherwise may not pass as legislation. This can make for mischief on policy. For example, the current budget may prohibit state universities from requiring students to take the COVID vaccination. Here are a couple of the more significant issues that are being discussed in the state budget.

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